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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The First Shinano in the IYOA

Craig Nash in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, brings us the first aircraft carrier SHINANO to join the International Yamato Owners Assosciation.

Currently still under construction, Craig's Shinano is being built from a 1/144 scale Yamato hull.

Craig is a member of the North Atlantic Battle Squadron (an R/C combat club in Nova Scotia), along with fellow IYOA member Curt Stokes. Craig got his Shinano hull from a fellow NABS member in a trade for an Iowa-class hull he had.

With 2 Yamatos already in the club, Craig decided to be original and build an R/C model of the aircraft carrier SHINANO.

The Shinano was intended to be a sistership to the legendary battleships Yamato and Musashi, but as her hull neared completion, the Japanese Navy neeeded aircraft carriers alot more than battleships, and the Shinano was completed as a carrier. Below her flight deck, she still had the same hull as the other Yamatos. The Shinano was designed with special 'anti-torpedo blisters' in her hull to divert the force of torpedoes impacting her hull.

In 1944, as the Shinano neared completion, the Japanese decided to move her from her place of construction (Yokosuka Japan) to Kure for final fitting out.

The Shinano had no watertight doors installed when she was spotted by the American submarine USS ARCHERFISH on November 29. She was torpedoed by the Archerfish, but because she was not sitting at her full draft in the water, the torpedoes actually impacted BELOW the special blisters.

With no watertight doors, she sank without much further help.

Now, Craig's Shinano will face similar threats from the battleships of NABS. If sunk, may she always rise again!

Owned By: Craig Nash
Built By: Craig Nash and Ralph Coles
Built: 1996 (hull) 2006 (traded to Nash) 2007 (estimated completion).
Length: 6 feet
Width: 10.75 inches
Home Waters: Graham's Grove, Lake Banook, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Cananda.

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